So many brides try on a dress for the first time and it’s LOVE at first sight! But curiosity often gets the best of them and the energy and excitement of their entourage gets things going and the next thing you know they are stepping into dresses number 9 and 10 . . . Often we find these brides return after two additional full days of appointments at shops around the area, only to discover that they should have stopped at the one they LOVED at first sight. Hindsight, as they say, is 20-20.

And then there are brides who shop around  because they just aren’t quite sure.  These are the ladies who have a bit of anxiety, but always a whole lot of love for one particular gown, so they need to “shop around.” We feel your pain, and we get your confusion, but seriously – how many appointments is too many?

We like to tell the story of one of our lovely brides who visited 18 stores across three states in search of her dream dress.  She came to our store because of a specific dress we had on the rack.  Much to her surprise, once she tried it on, her eye wandered to another champagne beauty that sparkled like New Year’s Eve in the “Big Apple” when the ball drops.  It took her five seconds to make up here mind after a full 120 day search, which seemed more than a little confusing to her as she stood there speechless in a beautiful champagne gown and veil for a solid 45 minutes staring at herself, as if to say, “What just happened?”

As I like to say, “Searching for your dream dress is not a shopping excursion.  If it were, it would be easy.  You’re not looking for a beautiful dress — they’re all beautiful. You’re searching  for a connection … waiting  to see which one “speaks” to you.  Waiting to see which one tells you, “You’re a bride.”  And when it does, you will know – and that’s when the magic happens.

Grace Style & Bridal (c) 2017



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