Which came first, the burlap or the blush? That’s the $10,000 question!  There are so many styles and inspirations that our brides dream and talk about.  As the bridal meme says, “Thanks to Pinterest I’m planning two weddings – the one I dream of thanks to Pinterest, and the one I can actually afford!”

We love chatting with our brides at Grace Style & Bridal during their appointments about their wedding plans and styles.  It seems colors and trends tend to run in phases.  Lately there have been a whole lot of navy and blush plans buzzing about.  They seem to be the combos of the moment.  Several months ago there was a burlap and boot bug that didn’t seem to have a cure.  And of course there’s the ever-popular rosegold pictured here – because it’s just rosegold – right?

You’ve got to respect the brides who have moxie and just go off the beaten path.  They’re the ones who defy all Pinterest trends, shusssh their maid of honor’s suggestions and most likely carry the banner, “Life’s too short to wear boring clothes.”  (Wearing twinkle lights inside your ballgown qualifies for moxie, BTW.)

Living in this wedding world has taught us that a bride’s wedding inspiration is as unique as the chemistry between the bride and groom themselves.  When you hear a bride explain she’ll be wearing a Scotch plaid cumberbund matching her groom, you begin to fully understand this concept.

The best thing about taking care of brides is hearing their excitement as they describe their vision.  Every detail from their venue to their bridesmaids, to the flowers . . . the anticipation and joy as they stand there in their dream dress describing their big day is just magical.  To be a part of this special time is such a privilege.

“The best things in life the people you love, the places you go, and the memories you make.” – Anonymous

Grace Style & Bridal (c) 2017


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