So many brides go into wedding planning mode trying to make everyone happy, ofen overlooking themselves. There are sisters and cousins and girlfriends from college . . . not to mention moms and the new MILs who certainly have their own level of happy that may have requirements into the next ZIP Code.  So when it comes to figuring out the wedding party situation, things can sometimes get a little hairy.

While the national average number of bridesmaids is 4.39 (????) we tend to find that 5-6 seems to be more the norm with most brides who walk through our doors.  Granted there are some who only have three, and then other gutsy gals who go straight to 10!  Then there are the  brides who are caught in the “asymmetrical conundrum,” and have fewer bridesmaids than their fiances have groomsmen, so these beauties often feel pressured by the “symmetry and alignment,” and suddenly feel compelled to ask their nail tech and esthetician to join the party just to even things out for Mr. Congeniality. 

There’s something to be said for selecting the national average of 4.39 ‘maids for a wedding. There’s the reduced cost, quantity of attendees, potential for drama in decision-making, and true enjoyment of a few close friends.  However, brides who tend to be more social are usually fully aware of what they are getting into and, in fact, embrace it. They are the brides who like to bring 11 people to their “dress selection excursion,” arrive in a limo with a bottle of champagne and ready to Facetime Grandma in Ohio because she couldn’t make the trip!

Yes, bridal parties tend to represent the bride and groom — sometimes quiet and intimate, and other times exciting and energized.  But regardless of numbers, brides always want to be surrounded by everyone who makes them feel happy. The common denominator  is friendship and love.  They always have a connection with the women they choose as ‘maids – whether a family history or a special friendship bond – there’s something special that makes a bride ask another woman to stand up and walk her wedding journey with her.  We feel so honored to witness these incredible friendships and help these women select beautiful dresses and colors that will tell their wedding story months later on their big day.

“Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less and smile a lot more.” – Carol Stashick

Grace Style & Bridal – Shelli Netko – 2017 (c)

(photo April O-Hare)

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