When wedding industry giant Alfred Angelo Bridal closed its doors last week leaving brides in a panic, Grace Style & Bridal in Gilbert set into action to help our customers and any other brides and bridesmaids out there who are waiting for dresses that will never arrive.

When a bride sets out to plan her wedding with 9-12 months in advance of her big day, she usually feels confident that she’s got plenty of time to get through everything on her list of  “things to do.” Her checklist might include tasks like – order cake, book venue, interview DJ’s, and find party favors.  The last thing on her mind would be  “having a panic attack,” because the company she bought her wedding dress from went bankrupt!  If you’ve ever been a bride, or in the wedding industry, this is has to be at the top of the list for a bride’s worst nightmare.

Ironically, Alfred Angelo was the first designer we signed on with when we opened our shop two years ago, so we were shocked when we received calls from panicked customers the day before their bankruptcy was made public.  Terrified customers were asking if their dresses were still coming on time since, “Alfred Angelo stopped making dresses.”   Unfortunately, beyond a couple of boxes that had already been in transit, no other dresses will be manufactured by them.

The closure of Alfred Angelo has affected Grace Style & Bridal’s business and brides, and we have done everything we can to help  –  whether it involves refunds, replacement dresses from another designer, or searching out the same style numbers from other stores.   In addition, we are offering help to other brides/bridesmaids who have been affected by other stores’ closures, and will offer a minimum 30% discount and waived rush fees to help them meet wedding dates where possible.   This is a service industry and brides trust us in partnering in the process of creating their dreams and making memories with them. We hope to help those caught off guard by this situation and turn things around for them.

Also, there’s more good news in store for all brides on a budget or in a rush! Beginning this week Grace Style & Bridal will offer our best-selling “immediate” bridesmaid line available online with a 14 to 21 day turnaround time from order to delivery for under $179.  Stay tuned for the release and keep your eye on our website  at Grace Style & Bridal – home of the bridal revolution.

Please call our store for  more information if you are trying to save your wedding due to a missing Alfred Angelo order.  And if you can’t wait to hear about our immediate bridesmaids dresses, stop in the store or give us a call at 480-306-6634.

Grace Style & Bridal 2017 (c)

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