“Grace in women has more effect than beauty.” William Hazlitt

Established in 2015, Grace Style & Bridal is proudly owned by a mother and daughter team that believes in love, partnership, marriage, families and following your passion.

The business is named after Grace Elwell,  the owners’ grandmother and great-grandmother, a bridal seamstress from Ohio.  “I have vivid memories of visiting my Grandma Grace at work surrounded by all those beautiful wedding dresses.  Mom used to warn me not to touch anything whenever we visited Gramma at work.  She was afraid I would get the dresses dirty or damage something.  But Gramma always let me carefully touch the lace and sparkles and twirl between the racks when no one was watching!  I felt like it was a magical place.”

There is nothing more rewarding than being in the moment with a bride and her family when she finds “the one.”  She feels excited and beautiful and connected and confident and she feels “like a bride.”  We started this business because we want to be part of this magic with brides day after day.

Meet the Business Owner

Greetings from Shelli and Hayley, the mother-daughter team behind Grace Style and Bridal.    We discovered a passion for the bridal world while planning Hayley’s wedding in 2014.  We had so much fun and finished all of our “to-do’s” so early that we had enough time to re-do everything again at least twice! After all the plans were finalized we knew we had the bug when we found ourselves just hanging out in bridal shops for no reason for an hour or two every weekend.  One day we decided to name our “hypothetical bridal shop” there was no stopping us.