Interested in collaborating?

We love collaborating with our “friendors” in the industry – venues, stylists, photographers, florists, rental companies, etc. in creating beautiful styled shoots that help brides and grooms get a feel for how incredible a real wedding might look with everything we have to offer.  In this case – seeing our GSB gowns on location at one of the amazing venues in the Valley could end up being a game-changer for a bride!

If you are an industry professional interested in “borrowing” a dress for a styled shoot, We would love working with you.  We only ask that you sign a short agreement that states you will return our dress in great condition — free of lipstick, full face makeup, blood, spray tan residue, cactus needles, red wine, mud, grass stains, pizza sauce, snags, giant holes large enough for your head to fit through, or anything else brought on by unforeseen “acts of God, war or terrorism.”  If you will agree with these terms, there is a small $50 charge for styled shoots that will be collected at the time the dress leaves the store.

Please email regarding your styled shoot needs, or call the store during business hours at 480.306.6634. Please speak with either Shelli or Hayley about your request.

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